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Celestial Sojourns

Celestial Sojourns.jpg


So many possibilities with this!  Here are some ideas:

  • Luxury Day Bed- on the beach at Sand Hollow, in mountains or a park under the trees, this is a great option for being outside in nature while nestling in blankets just existing with your partner.

  • Luxury Stargazing-perfect for after a romantic picnic with us OR after a dinner or movie date.  Arrive as the sun is setting or once the stars are filling the night sky.

  • Luxury Moon Bath-perfect just to enjoy time with your partner OR add a sound bath/meditation experience.  

Experience starts at $250 and is two hours.  Drinks, desserts, and simple tasty bites being added can be discussed during consult.  


Lots of color concepts available, just like our picnics. 

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