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Little Bug Parties

Little Bug Tea Party with balloon add on
Kids enjoying tea sandwiches, fruit & veggies, yummy desserts, and lemonade in tea cups.

Pinkies Out!

Enchanting Garden Tea Party:  children love an excuse to dress up and drink tea (a.k.a. lemonade) with their pinkies out and their smiles on. Let’s give them a chance with this unforgettable children's party!  Whether with their friends or a special one-on-one date with a parent, this atmosphere is sure to be a magical day they will never forget. Event includes:

  • Our full picnic service designed especially for kids;  magical pink garden theme; indoor or outdoor, backyard or park.

  • Lemonade in teapots; a teacup and saucer per person;

  • Kid-friendly charcuterie with mini PB&J’s, cheese, ham, turkey, crackers, and mini assorted cookies or a birthday cake.

  • Event accommodates up to 12 children or six children and six accompanying adults.

  • Pre-crafted flower crowns for each child with ribbons to choose from and attach.


​Event package ranges from $200 to $400 depending on number of guests and other negotiables.    ​

Add ons:  balloons, bounce houses, kids jewelry, fresh flower crowns, princess visits.  

For tweens and teens, please contact us for a consult.  Our luxury picnics are a posh way of celebrating a birthday with friends.  We have lots of themes available at the cost of a luxury picnic.  

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