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Concierge & Planning Services


Have Your Zen and Eat It Too

Having someone handle the details of a vacation creates an experience that is actually a vacation for the person or people who are in charge.  We can help with the following services, just to name a few:




Shopping, meal planning, meal prepping, cooking, clean up—ugh!  How is this a vacation???  Let us take some or all of these details off your plate so you can relax. 


  • Grocery shopping:   give us a list of everything you need for your group and we can have it organized and ready at your rental home when you arrive.  Starting at $250.  Price depends on location, length of stay, and number of guests,

  • Meal prep:  along with the shopping, we can have meals prepped and ready for you.  This is especially great for lunches on busy days and healthy, on-the-go breakfast and snack alternatives.  From $10-$50 per person depending on group size and food choices.  Does not include the cost of food.  

  • Meal delivery and set up:  too busy playing to go back to your rental?  Let us bring lunch to you!  Get out the door with less stress and know that we've got it covered.  Starts at $50 for delivery to recreation locations and increases if tables and chairs etc are included.  See our luxury picnic or dinner parties pages for pricing. 

  • Curated Tablescapes: add some magic to your meals with beautiful table settings.  Choose this add on once, each night at dinner, or let us create something special and unique for each meal.  $150, plus $10 per person at rental property. $300, plus $10 per person off site. 

  • Luxury dining experiences with a view: want a special night watching the sunset at an off-grid location? We can provide a fine dining set up with a private chef.  Perfect for a closing dinner or night out without the kids.  Starts at $150 per person. 




Southern Utah is filled with world-famous parks.  And so. Much. More…


  • Trip planning and development: let us help you make the most of your experience in Southern Utah by helping you plan each day to maximize enjoyment, while minimizing unnecessary travel and stress.  We know lots of local spots to visit and lots of skilled and talented local businesses.   $150 per day of planning. 

  • Event Coordination: after we have planned the perfect trip for you, let us contact and work with all vendors to make sure everything runs smoothly. $250 per day for planning and coordination.  $500 per day if we are to be present for activities. 

Let’s Create
the Experience 
You Long For

Serving Washington & Iron Counties as well as Zion

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