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Add Ons


Have Your Zen and Eat It Too

Here is a short list of some local businesses we have loved working with.  If you have someone else in mind (or are another local vendor), we would love to work with anyone who wants to create magic for their clients.  

Horseback riding

The Ranch at Wild Rose for romantic couples or groups     


Scenic Spin Class

The Loop StG up to twelve people 

Mountain Bike Ride

Ride On 

Aerial Yoga, Reiki Drumming, Sound baths

Solr Aerial Yoga up to six for aerial yoga

Yoga, Sound baths, and Breath work

We have several instructors we work with and choose one based one style and availability.  


Massage Zion and Yoga Shala


Private Tent & Optional Sleepover Set up

Dixie Dream Tents for up to eight people


Let’s Create the Retreat You Long For

Serving Washington & Iron Counties as well as Zion

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