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Luxury Picnics


Immerse Yourself
In the Moment

Picnics are all about sitting on blankets and pillows with good food and good company.  We’ve just elevated it to a new level. 

With us you have lots of options:

  • Pick the location: If you want to set the picnic mood, we can put it together anywhere you like.  (Okay, maybe not anywhere, but we will certainly try!)  Pick a favorite park or overlook; we can also do your home, backyard, office, or your bedroom floor.  Not sure where you want it?  We have lots of ideas!  

  • Pick the food:  we can put together beautiful charcuterie boards, chosen from a small menu that we put together (all delicious!), or we can pick up food from your favorite place and have it laid out and ready to enjoy.

  • Pick the aesthetic:  from rustic to elegant; bright and playful to subdued and dreamy.  Peruse our gallery for picture ideas or follow us on Instagram for the most up to date images and reels of our work.​

  • Set up is $300, plus $10 per person.​  Food and drinks are separate.

Email us with questions or schedule a consultation and let's create the event of your dreams!

*Cost of food is negotiated on an individual basis.  Set ups with a private chef are subject to additional per person costs as the number of courses tends to go up.  Travel fees may apply.  Groups of more than 12 include an additional set up fee of $150.  

Let’s Create
the Event of Your Dreams

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