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Private Yoga


The Yin and the Yang

Yoga is an opportunity to reconnect the mind with the body. To let go of daily cares and bring ourselves fully to the present moment, focusing solely on the body and the breath. It teaches us how to sit and breathe through discomfort. To be still and get curious about thoughts, feelings, and sensations that arise as we slow everything down and sit in the quiet with ourselves. 

 We have a number of instructors with different backgrounds who can guide you in this experience:

  • Vinyasa-yin fusion: warm up with some simple powerful poses, and move into yin, with some gentle movement between each yin pose.

  • Vinyasa Flow:  Invigorating movement to channel positive energy through every cell in your body.

  • Kundalini: align chakras and clear out energy blocks with these powerful mantras and mudras.  

Each yoga practice is 60 minutes followed by a 15 minute guided meditation.  

Event package comes with an instructor, all equipment, and refreshing cucumber water and our signature PowerGreen Drink afterward.  

Event cost starts at $200 for two people with an additional $5 per person added.  Maximum is 14.  For the private, pondside venue in these photos, an additional $100 is added,.  Totally worth it!  For more information on this venue visit Shangri-La's website.

Want to extend the moment? Add a luxury picnic afterward and make it a Retreat Package.  

Let’s Create the Event of Your Dreams

Serving Washington & Iron Counties as well as Zion

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